Friday, November 22, 2013

"Fire Up Your Fall"- Fall Blush Box Review

Blush Box is one of the most exciting and fun boxes that I have received lately. I have no idea whatsoever on what I was going to receive in this box, which makes it that much are fun to open.  And I won this Blush Box in a contest! Exciting!  I have received one of the Blush Boxes before, but this one was just as fantastic and fun. 

What is  Blush Box?
The number one goal of Blush Box is to indulge a subscribers sexy side by delivering the latest and greatest in fashion and spice right to your doorstep. When you open up a BlushBox, you're guaranteed to love the beautifully curated stylish, sensual finds inside. All of our selections are handpicked by the BlushBox team from trusted brands to ensure nothing but top quality in each boxes. With a quarterly BlushBox subscription, you’ll be turning each season into a sexy one. 

With Blush Box there are two box options; 1) a Quarterly BlushBox , which is $99 per quarter, or 2) the Mini BlushBox subscription, which comes with half of what is usually in the Quarterly Blush Box and is only $49 per quarter. 

After picking out what type of box you would like, you then have to pick out your preference on how spicy you would like the box. 

Since this is a quarterly box,  the Blush Boxes get shipped out on  January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th. Howeer, You can sign up for BlushBox at any time throughout the year and they will ship you the current box for that quarter. 

Fall Blush Box
Foxy Fashionista
“Fire Up Your Fall” Box

Since Blush Box is only a quarterly box, this box was their Fall Box, and I picked Foxy Fashionista Box. The curators themed this box “Fire up Your Fall”. This box included all items that are fierce and flirty that makes sure to heat up the bedroom.

Shh Satin  Blindfold by Bijoux Indiscrets- $20

I have never owned a blindfold before, but I have owned a sleeping mask. This is so soft and silky, it just might be my new sleeping mask. One side of this blindfold says “Shhh” the other “Ohh”

Divine Attache Bracelet Cuffs by Maison Close $68

After first opening this package up I was not sure what they were at first, and had to do a double take.  These are luxury handcuffs. Mine as well look fantastic if you are wearing cuffs, right? These can  be used as jewelry in the day and cuffs by night. They are made of really pretty Onyx- Real Jet Beads, and look very well made. 

Be a bombshell Gloss in Vixen-$14
I love myself some Be a bombshell, and I have used their gloss before and I really like it. This Vixen color is  bright red, which I love, and great for the season, and it is great to add a little sass to any look.

Nippies Intimates by Bristol6- $20
I had to go on the Bristol6 website to check out more about these Nippies because it reminded me of a couple celeb looks that have been all the talk in the past and currently. And come to find out celebs do buy these Nippies from Bristol6. I love the undies, not so sure about the nippies though. Haha.

Orgasm Enhansing Gel by Orgasmix 
This is to add a little spice to the bedroom. I think the name says it all. I could not find this online, and my gel must have been accidentally left of of my box.  But it sounds like fun!

I received this great Fall Blush Box for winning a contest held by Blush Box, and I was ecstatic to hear that I was going to be getting a Fall  Blush Box! The quarterly cost of this Fall Blush Box is $99, and the box’s total value was approximately $130 worth of quality, high end, and amazing products. I was very impressed by my summer box, and I am equally impressed with the Fall Box. A box like this is a perfect way to keep things fun in the bedroom, and to explore items that are not the most common to find. Additionally, Blush Box is a way to treat yourself to something nice. I am excited to see the Winter Blush Box, that comes out in January!

What did you think of the Fall Blush Box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up Blush Box or signing up, you can HERE.

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