Monday, November 11, 2013

October Pretty Power Box Review and Special Promo

Pretty Power Box always has a great box, and even though it came a little after October, and I am posting my review in November, I still wanted to show what a great box October was. 

What is Pretty Power Box?
Pretty Power Box is a subscription box for the female entrepreneur. Each month Pretty Power Box will send out items to help create a positive work-life balance, which, as I know first hand, can be quite difficult at times so any help , like the Pretty Power Box, is appreciated. Cost per month is $15 per month.

October Pretty Power Box
I really loved October’s Pretty Power Box.  This box seems to promote relaxation, but also knowing that many working ladies do not get too much relax time. So, of course, energy is much needed as well, and Pretty Power Box provided some great items that promoted both. I think this was by far my favorite box. 

Stitchin Puppies Book Cover- $5.50
I love reading. There is just something about a good book. I really have thought blogging more about the fabulous books that I read. Well, to be honest, I really do not actually read some of my books. I am really hooked on audible books since I am in the car and travel for hours in the day between work and home. However, when I do have a book it is a great idea to make sure that it is protected. Between being in my purse, in and out of the car, etc... a little protection is best. I love this first item in the October Pretty Power Box.

Laurie B. Creations Book Mark- $4.00
If you are like me you cannot remember one thing from the next, even if just seconds go by. Haha. Really I am not that bad, but it seems like it sometimes. So a book mark is a great thing to keep with every book I put my hands on.  However, this one I may keep to mark the place in books the little one and I are reading since it is such a cute pink bling bling book mark, Very cute.

Slice of Heaven Solid Energy Lotion Bar -$1.50
It seems that lotion bars are becoming more popular these days. I have received a couple in a couple different boxes now. I really like them though, as they definitely save me from making a mess with lotion. I cannot tell you how many times i have had leaked lotion in my purse or suitcase. These lotion bars are the perfect solution. This particular lotion bar not only smells great, but it is said to include some ingredients to give me energy. Okay, I am sold! Anything that helps my energy is a winner in my book. (within reason of course).

letterhappy- The Wishlet bracelet - $5
I absolutely love, love this bracelet. It is not only really cute, but such a cute idea behind the bracelet. You make a wish on the bracelet and when it finally falls off the wish will come true. I love bracelets, and think this is a very cute idea.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink -$1.50
I have heard great things about Adocare, and like I said I need all the energy I can get. What I like about this is that I can just throw it in my purse and mix it with some water when I get to work. Perfect!

A great little addition to the October box. While I really like candy, I really shouldn’t partake, haha. I think this might go to A instead. He loves tootsie rolls!

I really liked October’s Pretty Power Box and really appreciate each and every item in this month’s box. It was great that everything was something that either was good for relaxing or keeping me going during the day. Relaxing reading a good book or keeping me energized for the day, Pretty Power Box is just one of those subscription boxes that is great for showing me great products for my on-the-go lifestyle. October's box was worth around $18, and that is without adding in any shipping cost that it was take to ship some of these products from the individual stores. And the monthly cost for Pretty Power Box is only $15 per month. 

What did you think of Pretty Power Box? If you would like to sign up for Pretty Power Box, you can HERE.  Also right now you can get a discount on November and December boxes, both months’ boxes for $25, which is a $5 savings! Maybe a great gift for someone special in your life? Again check out Pretty Power Box HERE. 

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,

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