Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fab Kids Malibu Dreams Collection Selection Review

I was so excited to see all the cute clothing in the latest collection, Malibu Dreams, from Fab Kids. And when Fab Kids graciously offered to send me an outfit to review on the blog, I was even more excited. I could hardly wait to see the outfit pick we made from the new collection. You would think the clothing was for me rather than our little one. I am sure I was more excited about the clothing; she was more excited about just opening the package.

What is Fab Kids?
Fab Kids, which is affiliated with Just Fab, is a company started by a couple of mothers, and Christina Applegate (movie star), and founded to let girls,  and now boys, express their individuality through fashion, while allowing parents to get high end clothing at reasonable prices. After taking the style quiz, Fab Kids then picks out clothing perfect for your little one. You can pick and choose what you would like. Every outfit comes with two pieces now (used to be three, but the third item was usually just a headband or hair accessory), and the cost used to be $39.95, but is now $29.95. You are not obligated to pick a set each month, and can skip if you choose as well. Right now new members get their first outfit for $15, plus free shipping!

Fab Kids
Malibu Dreams

I have to say, this was one of my favorite collections from Fab Kids thus far. I just loved the palm tree prints and the bright spring colors. If you would like to take a look at some of the other outfits, you can HERE.

My Pick- Cali Chic Outfit
What I liked most about this outfit is that it would work perfect for other seasons, and would work very well mix matching with different tops or bottoms. I also love the pattern on both the skirt and the shirt.  I know I say this a lot with Fab Kids outfits, but if it came in my size I would so buy it for myself!

Stripped Ruffle Top $18 Retail

I just love ruffle tops during the summer time, it adds that extra girly flair to an otherwise dull tank top. By no means is this tank top dull, and not only will look cute with the palm tree skirt, but also would look great with most other bottoms we have for our little one; Very versatile! My favorite part of this top, other than the ruffle, is that the zipper in the back is a mint green, which just adds that extra touch of fun to the tank top.

Palm Tree Skater Skirt $26 Retail
When I first saw the Malibu Dreams Collection, I knew I had to pick something with this cute palm tree print. After actually getting this skirt, it is even cuter in person. And again, if you add some leggings with this skirt and a long sleeve shirt it will be perfect for colder weather as well.  And, like all Fab Kids clothing I have ever received, this skirt was made of great fabric and quality made.


I have not yet received an outfit from Fab Kids that has not impressed me. I have many outfits from Fab Kids now, and they have been through the wash several times, and each piece still withstands the wear and tear, ending up still looking awesome. Not only is the clothing fantastic, but the price is equally as fantastic. For the cost of $29.99, I received a great quality and stylish outfit worth $44.  Not to mention the convienance of not having to wonder around shopping malls, etc, for clothing, rather these great clothes are delivered right to my door each month.  Like always, I cannot wait to see what Fab Kids comes out with next!

What did you think of the Malibu Dreams collection from Fab Kids? If you are interested in learning more about Fab Kids or signing up, you can HERE.  Don’t forget new members get their first outfit for $15.

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  1. This is cute! Love the black and white. It seems like FabKids has some trendy things. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping... have you guys tried that? Check out www.deanandgrace.com. You sign up for just your kids size and gender and they text out outfits for you to choose from. Pretty cool. Great blog and review! Keep up the good work!