Monday, March 17, 2014

Made in Utah- New Subscription Merco Box Review

Today I am bringing you a new box that I have recently come across. This box is another locality box, but different than any other locality boxes I have received. Merco Box, is a brand-new subscription that comes from Utah. This box brings, to  your door, specialty items from around Utah that help support the community, and local mom-and-pop shops. For each Merco Box that you get your dollars go right back to the community of Utah. I have never been to Utah, but from what I see they have some amazing shops and stores that I would love to shop at in person. However, since a trip to Utah is not in my future I am happy for Merco Box.

What is Merco Box?
Merco Box takes Utah's finest local products, from lifestyle, beauty, to food,and packages them in their awesome monthly subscription box and deliver them right to your front door!

Cost: $24.99

March Merco Box

Heavenly Hygienics Cherub Balm Lotion Bar $3.99
It seems that I have an abundance of lotion bars these day. I really think lotion bars are becoming more popular. I really do think lotion bars are great, but for me they are not very practical. I'm usually on the go and do not really have a place to put a lotion bar. However, I think this will be great to leave in the bathroom for our little one.

Razieh’s Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream $4
Well, anything that helps me prevent wrinkles is great in my book. This wrinkle cream will definitely get used. I have never heard of Razieh’s Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream, but I'm very excited to give it a try.

Sea Grape Bath and Body Relaxed Mama Tea $6.50
I usually I am a so-so tea drinker. To be honest I would rather have a big cup of coffee and cream or a latte. And right now I actually I'm not really drinking tea too much as well. However, I know that I eventually get a tea craving, so I'm sure that this will get used in the future. And, anything that gets me relax at the end of the day is fantastic.

Edible Wilds Wildflower Brownie Mix $6.99
This was fantastically delicious. This mix is also gluten-free which is great. No one in my household is gluten-free, but I'm always looking for new gluten-free recipes that I can pass along. I made this the other night, and it was delicious! Some brownies mixes are kind of dry and not so chocolaty, but this mix was not any of those, it was moist and very chocolaty. I think it was a hit at my house.

Figaro Salon Stylist Gift Card and Key Chain from Merco Box $15
After checking out this salon online, it looks like a great salon. If in fact Figaro’s was near me I would probably jump on this offer.

Purse Dreams Gift Card $25

What girl doesn't like a new purse. I looked on the website and they look to have great selections at Purse Dreams. A little pricer than I am used to though. However, I still will be taking advantage of this fantastic gift card that was received and this month’s Merco box. I will have to do another post later to show what I received.

Q Clothing Boutique Scarf $28

This has to be my favorite item in this whole box. I am a big fan of infinity scarves, and especially light scarfs as they fit well for winter as well as moving into spring and even summer. I recently received a peach Aztec scarf that looked just like this so I was excited to see that my box contained a mint teal color infinity Aztecs scarf from Q Clothing Boutique. I definitely will be getting my use out of the scarf and think it was a wonderful addition to the Merco Box.

Merco Box also included a bunch of great coupons in the box, which valued $50 plus. They are pictured above with the Purse Dreams Gift Card. Some of these coupons I cannot use, but would love to if I was in the Utah area.

My overall impression was, YES!, this box is awesome. I really just love everything that I received in this March Merco Box! I am a huge fan of boxes that include an array of products from beauty to food, so this was perfect for me. And, to top it off it is a locality box! Double bonus! And you all know I love my locality boxes as well! The total cost of this box would have been $24.99, but Merco Box had a special deal for the March Box, so I only got it for the shipping cost! Excellent, right? And the March Merco Box included approximately $89 plus, not included the Extra gift cards. I probably will not use the $15 gift card to the salon, but my first Merco Box was worth every penny. I look forward to seeing more from Merco Box as the months go by.

What did you think of March Merco Box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Merco Box, you can HERE.  

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