Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box - What will you get?

I was just browsing online and saw that Fancy has a new Fancy Mystery Box for sale for $10. 

What is Fancy?

“Fancy is the place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores. Part store, magazine and wishlist, Fancy is the best place to buy great things. Use Fancy to find a gift for any occasion and share your favorite discoveries with all your friends.”  

Mystery Box

What is the Fancy Mystery Box? 

You'll receive $30+ retail value worth of goods. You just pick an option, Men's or Women's, and Fancy will pick out some items that tickle your Fancy. The Mystery Box is a one time non refundable purchase that ships within 1-3 business days. The contents of this box will vary and cannot be customized. Shipping is not included and will be estimated upon checkout.

I am super excited to see what is included in these Fancy Mystery Boxes, and will be ordering one right away. My curiosity gets the best of me at times.

What do think about the Fancy Mystery Box? If you would like to order you can click HERE, or in the picture above. And do not forget to use  the promo code "FOLLOWUP10" to get 10% off.

 Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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