Saturday, March 8, 2014

What to Choose? Stitch Fix #10 Review

I am first going to start by saying I absolutely love Stitch Fix, I love how easy and convenient it is, and I really just love getting clothes in general.  I got my 10th fix a couple weeks ago, and my 11th is in route to me now. So, before I get the next fix I thought I would share my 10th Stitch Fix box first.  However, now that I told you I still love Stitch Fix, I have to tell you that this was not my favorite fix, but you win some and well… some you don't.

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. Stitch Fix gets your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. And No two Fix™ shipments are alike. Each one is hand–picked just for you. It costs $20 per month, and this $20 can be used towards the purchase of any of the items Stitch Fix adds to your box.

Stitch Fix #10
Like I said, this was not my favorite fix picked out for me. Other fixes have been awesome.  I know I did not leave my stylist any notes this time, but I do have a pretty good Pinterest board. So, I am not sure if they pick out clothing based on that or not.  I may have to work on my notes to my stylist next time. 

41 Hawthorne Bixby Line Printed 3/4 Sleeve Top$38

This was a great top. I loved the pattern, and the material that it was made out of. I always am looking for a great top that would be good for work or equally good being worn on a casual weekend. The only thing I was not sure about was the fit. I didn’t think it looked quite as good as it should. So, on to the next….

Fun2Fun Rhiannon Pleat Detail Sleeveless Blouse $48

Sorry about the Picture Quality, and the writing on the mirror. We still are celebrating Seahawks win, as the mirror still says "Beast Mode”!

This blouse was a good pick for me for a work shirt; With a pencil skirt it would look great. In my picture I was just wearing it with black leggings, and it didn't look too great, but tucked into a skirt I am sure it would look much better. However, the color was just not doing it for me for some reason, neither were the pleats. So on to the next…

Under Skies Clayton Split-Neck Short Sleeve Blouse $58

Typically this kind of blouse, that is loose and would go perfect with a pair of black leggings, would be perfect for me. And, when I first took a look at this shirt I thought it was a great color, and I was really excited to try it on. However, when I tried it on, the first thing I thought is that I looked like I was getting ready to go bowling. Yes, a bowling shirt. Well, that was a no go for me. Bummer…. and to the next. 

Fate Garvey Tribal Print Open Front Cardigan $68

As you can see I was really contemplating this sweater. I think I tried in on like, at least, 6-7 times. I am  the biggest fan tribal print and nice cozy sweaters. So, when you put tribal print and cozy sweater together thats it for me.  I really loved this pick, and after months of asking for tribal print sweaters in my Stitch Fix boxes I finally got them in two fixes in a row. And now for the sad news,  I love tribal sweaters so much I have way too many now. I could not justify getting another one. Oh Stitch Fix, if you only sent this months ago! Okay and now for the last item…

Aryeh Judith Abstract Stiped Fit & Flare Dress $48

Again, sorry about the mirror and the picture quality. The pictures were taken in two sessions, as you can tell, as some look okay and some are like this, haha!

When I first saw this dress I was not too sure about the pattern. I definitely would have never picked out something like this on my own. However, after trying it on, it really grew on me. The material of the dress is super soft, and it has pockets. I just adore pockets in dresses. With a blazer or cardigan, it would be a perfect dress for work.  So, I finally had a winner! 


Well, there were a couple winners out of this 10th Stitch Fix. As you probably could tell I only kept the Judith Abstract Dress, and have already worn it. If the clothing picks could have been more in sync with my style I may have purchased more, but that is okay. I guess after looking at some other subscribers boxes for the month of February, I was a little bummed with some of my items, as I really liked some other’s fixes a lot.  By no means does this mean that I giving up on Stitch Fix though. I really love Stitch Fix, and get super excited to get my fix each month. And as I type this now my 11th fix is on it’s way to me. YAY!

If you are interested in learning more about Stitch Fix or signing up, you can HERE.

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,


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