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An Adventure in the Southeast- Box South Sample Box Review

There is just something about locality boxes that I just love. Locality boxes allow you to experience a new place that you otherwise would not get to visit, right from the comfort of your own home. A new locality based subscription, Box South, is such a fun locality box.  Box South brings you great Southern artisan goodies to your doorstep each month. I am super excited to share with you this sample box from Box South.

What is Box South?
Well first off, I have to tell you they definitely sound like they will bring that southern hospitality into each box. I have been nothing but super impressed with my contact with the company so far.  Each month Box South will send a box that focus on sending out to their subscribers the best small-batch artisan food and products made throughout the Southeast.

Box South Options/ Cost:

Monthly Box South Subscription - $52 per month

Box South also offers the following ( these are not monthly subscriptions):

Full Gift Box full of 5-8 products  for $52
Mini Box with around 3 products for $35 

Box South Sample Box
I was so excited with Box South graciously offered to send me a sample box. The sample box is just taste of what wonderful items their subscription will include.

Copper Pot Wooden Spoon Spiced Apple and Beer Jam  $11.50
This is a great little treat from Waynesville, North Carolina. This is a sweet and savory blend of flavors that is said to go perfectly  with smoked meats and sharp cheeses. I tried a little bit on a cracker, and it was delicious. I am not a big buyer of jams of preserves, especially savory kinds, but by no means does that mean that I do not enjoy them when I get to taste them. When I think about North Carolina I think of good BBQ food, so it is nice change of pace to get something not specific to BBQ. 

Oliver Pluff & Company Colonial Bohea Tea $14
I have been to Charleston, South Carolina before, where this tea comes from, and this Colonial Tea reminds me perfectly of Charleston. I am not really drinking tea too much these days, but this tea is just up my alley. Bohea Tea, pronounced "Boo-Hee" is a Black tea blend, and was very popular during Colonial Amercia. A great addition to any Box South box. 

The Chocolate Lab Perc and Goat Milk Candy Bar
$8 each

All I can say is these are divine. Wow. The Chocolate Lab has take candy bar to a whole other level. This decedent treats come from Savannah, Georgia, and will cure any sweet tooth they come in contact with. I put these out as a treat one night after dinner, and they were gone right away. You can tell that these chocolate bars are made with love, and not only does their taste show it, but so does the packaging. Yummy!

Perc Coffee Kimel Estate AA $14

Bringing us to Savannah, Georgia again, Box South, included a great bold coffee. As you can tell Perc Coffee is also included in The Chocolate Lab's candy bar. I love when local companies come together for a collaboration. Kimel Estate AA is sourced from Papua New Guinea, but I am guessing is roasted in Savannah at Perc Coffee. I am not drinking coffee at this time, so I cannot tell you how lovely it tastes, but the smell is just wonderful. I love the smell of roasted coffee beans. I am sure my parents will be able to get use out of this Perc Coffee.  

My overall taste of Box South is fantastic. If this is just sample of what is to come from Box South than I know the subscribers of Box South can expect some amazing items coming out of each monthly subscription box.  Although this is a not a regular subscription box, only a sampling of what could be included in boxes to come, the total value of the items included this this box is  $57.50. I think that is a great value, especially because if you bought everything from the stores on their own online you would have to pay shipping as well as tax. And if you were to go visit these places on your own, well I am sure it would be way more.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for Box South, and what their first official box will include. Sign up now and you can get your first box next month between the 10th- 15th. 

What did you think of Box South sample box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Box South, you can HERE.  

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