Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March "It's All About the Lips" Lip Factory Review

It is that time of the month again; Lip Factory time! I get so excited each month when I see the shipping notification, and cannot wait to dig into the box.  Like every month, Lip Factory is one of my favorites, and I am always surprised at the amazing products included in each and every Lip Factory box. Lip Factory never ceases to amaze me on how fantastic each box is.

What is Lip Factory?
Lip Factory is a beauty subscription that curates fantastic beauty boxes, with great beauty/makeup for you to explore and try out. Lip Factory prides itself of sending out new brands and new colors to their subscribers. And most of the products included in the Lip Factory boxes are FULL SIZE!

Cost: $22.00  per month

March Lip Factory
“It’s All About the Lips” Box
I know this might not make sense to everyone reading, but as soon as I read “It’s All About the Lips”, I thought of one of my favorite players from the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch. One of his sayings is “It’s All About that Action Boss”! So when I read “It’s All About the Lips”, I had to add Boss at the end. A little chuckle from me! Haha. Well, anyways, I am sure you want to see all the great lip products in March Lip Factory Box. Lip Factory has an All About Lips box here and there, but Lip Factory’s other boxes are full of all kinds of great makeup products, not just lip products.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb #3  $35
I have tried other Mirenesse products, and I have been very pleased with them, so I was I was excited to try out something new. This is a unlike a gloss, lipstick or stain, but leaves the lips with great color and gloss without that gunky feel.  This is great on it’s own or on top of a different shade to add an extra kick.

Ellovi $5
This lip butter is completely natural and is made of only six ingredients that are so pure you can eat them. A great lip butter is hard to come by, but this Ellovi is amazing. I cannot believe I had not found this before now.

Jesse’s Girl Vitamin E Treatment $3
There are plenty of days when I do not wear any lipstick at all, so this will be perfect for those days. I can still keep my lips protected, soft and supple.

Jesse’s Girl Lip Liner in Melon $2
I really do not use liner too often, but really like the look it gives my lips when I do. This Melon color is a great summer lip liner to mix with some coral lipstick.

Cargo Cosmetics Lip Quad $24
I was super excited to hear that Lip Factory was collaborating with Cargo, as I really like Cargo Cosmetics. I was never expecting something so fantastic as this lip gloss guad though. Awesome addition to the March Lip Factory box. I love this Lip Quad, which is full of great summer lip colors, and know I will be using it all the time!

Can we say fantastic Lip Factory box this month? Yes, we can! I really love trying out new products and brands of makeup, and Lip Factory makes it possible and even easier to do so each month by delivering these great products right to my door. For $22 a month for the Lip Factory subscription, the March Lip Factory “All About the Lips” box included approximately $69 worth of products. I would say that Lip Factory certainly knows how to treat their subscribers. I continue to look forward to each and every Lip Factory box that I receive, and cannot wait to see next month’s box already.

What did you think of March’s Lip Factory box? If you are interested in learning more about Lip Factory or signing up, you can HERE.

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