Monday, March 18, 2013

Julep’s Spring Mystery Box Haul

The long wait over the weekend is over.Whoo-hoo. Over the weekend I knew that my Julep Spring Mystery Box arrived, butI have it sent to my office, so I had to wait until today to open it. I could hardly wait. And now that the wait is over, I get to share my goodies witheveryone else too.

When I first got the box I thought that the box looked different than usual, and I got really excited!

So here it is the Julep's
Spring MysteryBox. (Version 7)

I got 4 polishes including the new RockCandy Nail Glaze in Marie and these other ones:

 And the following:

  • One-Step Polish Remover Pad;
  • Nail file;
  • Pomegranate Body Scrub;
  • 3 twist ties; and
  • 3 Chocolate candy eggs

My additions to the Mystery Box was the Spring Fling, which includedJennifer, Gloria and Robin.

This box was a little more costly thanthe Cupid Mystery Box at $24.99, but I think it was worth it. (No diamondsthough, sad face, haha)

 I  justlove Julep, and if you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven check it outHERE, and make sure to use Promo code JULEP VIP.

Until next time
Stay TickledPink,


  1. Hey Stephanie, just a heads up that we nominated you for a Versatile Blogger's Award!
    We love your posts and would love to see your 7 facts about me!
    Here is the link to our nomination:

    1. This is just so awesome. As a very new blogger, I am very excited to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, and cannot wait to get to writing my 7 facts about me.

      Also, I just would like you to know that I love the name of your blog, I am a big big fan of sloths as well. I have been trying to plan a trip to go to Costa Rica to see the Sloth Sanctuary for along time. And I also really think your blog is just great.

      Thank you again, and look forward to reading more of your posts on the Happy Sloth!

  2. Great haul! Camille looks amazing, I hope you plan on swatching these colors. :)

    1. I have already used it. It looks great on top of Julep's Simone. I will have to start swatching them soon.