Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nosh, Nibble, Nourish... Peckish Review

Peckish came today! I must say this box is one of my favorite food subscription boxes out there. I really like the options that Peckish has compared to others. Everyone has different tastes, and different nutritional needs. I have subscribed to The Light Box. However, I just recently got engaged, so I am trying to watch my figure. I, however, do not have any complaints whatsoever about The Light Box.

This is my third Peckish box. Yes, I skipped reviewing one box. February just flew by too quickly. In this box Peckish added a little sampler. as they are trying out new snacks to add to their collection. I received the following tasty treat to sample:


 I have to say this was absolutely delish. I only got to try a little, as my other half decided he liked it too. He does not even really like coconut that much. He said it was a perfect mix of sweet, crunchy, and just the right amount of coconut on the peanuts as to not overpower the taste. Good job Peckish! He is one selective eater! We give it a four thumbs up!

And in my regular box I got:

I received this treat in my first box, and it is very tasty. You can read more HERE. I really love anything with blueberries and bananas. With only 37 calories per serving (4 servings/per bag), it is a great healthy morning treat. I can even add to some oatmeal or add to some granola for an extra treat.


I usually am not the biggest Mango fan, but the Mangos in this selection was very tasty. The mix of fruits reminded me of being in a nice tropical beach, feet in the sand,  a bowl of fruit next to me (or Tropical Island mix) , and a cold glass of coconut juice in my hand. A great healthy treat to get me through a work day, while a daydream about being on a tropical beach, haha.

Last, and my favorite

I have to admit I like salty foods over sweet. This selection of crunchy carrots, sweet potatoes, taro, sweet potato and green beans was perfect for my taste. Very lightly salted with sea salt, and the best crunch. A great exchange for any fatty potatoe chip. I would like to buy more of the Veggie Lover. I give this Peckish treat 5+++ stars!!!  Peckish can send this to me anytime!

For all of you who would like to try Peckish out make sure to go to the Peckish site HERE, AND use Promo Code friend12 to get 50% off your first box. You do not have to ever be puckish again with Peckish snack boxes!

Until Next time.

Stay Tickled Pink


  1. I just ordered a protein box! Thanks for your review, I had never heard of Peckish until this & I am super excited to get my first box!

    1. I hope you used the Promo code as well.. Peckish is great. I am thinking about trying out some other boxes, other than the Light Box. Let me know what you think when you get the Protein Box!