Monday, March 25, 2013

A Look at Kona Kase

I was very interested in Kona Kase when I first heard of it. And why you ask? Because it gives people an opportunity to try out different snacks and nutritional samples that  help a body's endurance, stamina, energy, and more during and after physical activities.  If you read my blog here and there you know I am trying to become more physically in shape. So, I immediately  signed up! 

Usually, I tend to stay away from nutritional bars or foods that I am not familiar with for a couple reasons; 1) Because they may not be any good; and 2) The price. However,  Kona Kase did not disappoint. 

Here is my March Kona Kase

Although, many of the treats will probably end up going to my other half,   I think the product quality and the amount of samples , which most are full size, in the box far exceeded my expectations. 

My favorite part of the March Kase was...

Wild Friends Almond Butter

This company was featured on ABC TV Show, Shark Tank! This nut butter is unique, healthy, and delicious! I give it a 10!

If you would like to try some Wild Friends Almond Butter go to Wildfriendsfoods. Com, and use Promo Code KONAKASE to get 15% off your order.

TCHO Chocolate. 

In the Kona Kase I received the following flavors, all of which were yummy!

1) SeriousMilk “CLASSIC” Milk Chocolate with caramel notes (my favorite);;
2) Pure Notes Dark Chololate extremely rich and “Chocolatey”; 
3) Pure Notes Dark Cholocate with subtle “Nutty” notes; and 
4) SeriousMilk “Cacao” Milk Chocolate with lush and fudgy notes.

 What I really like about this chocolate is they use great ingredients, and strive to base the flavor of the chocolate on the cacao beans they get. This chocolate is also Organic and Fair Trade.  


This is not your normal peanut buttercup or in this case Carmel Cup. These got devoured right out of the box.  What is great about these are that they are Nut-free and Gluten-Free. Suncups also are produced only from cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. I am all about Rainforest protection.  They say Suncups is a great post-activity treat, but I think it is good any time J

If you would like to try you can subscribe with Kona Kase HERE or go to and use the PROMO Code KONA13 for 25% off.


I am a big fan of anything gummy, and this tasted just like a gummy bear. The Clif Shot Bloks are way better on the taste buds than downing a RedBull.  I received Cran-Fraz, and they were deliciously gummy. After just  one shot blok, it had already given me a good kick of energy.


I have tried all types of Clif Bars, but this one just brings me back. to when I was young. I would go to summer camp when I was younger, and all we would eat was granola bars.  This Clif Bar Granola Bar was natural tasting with just the right crunch that you look for in any granola bar.  Delish! This is a great snack on the way home,  right before a good workout, but not too much to stuff you full! I give this Clif Bar an A+.


This bar was like picking some berries, taking a handful of nuts and seeds and smothering it all together, in the best tasting way possible. The Dark Choco Mint was very good. This earnest eats bar is also wheat-free and vegan. What is also very interested about the Earnest Eats baked whole food bar is that in this particular bar the mint was grown by refugees (, up to $5,000 supports the International Rescue Committee, leading the refugees away from harm. 

Go to if you would like more information.


At only 100 calories per bar and made out of Almond butter, this was my other favorite from the Kona Kase.  If you like cookie dough, like I do, you will love the consistency of this bar. I can see why Runner’s World Magazine named this bar among their list of “Top 10 Best Recovery Bars for Runners”.   A very good addition to the Kona Kase!


I must say I was not sure how much I was interested in tasting this one. The BRUBAR is made with Barley Malt, which is the key ingredient in many beers.  However, after reading the ingredients more in depth,  the Original Malt BRUBAR does not sound all that bad at all.  Other ingredients include: rolled oats, almonds, coconuts, vanilla and cinnamon. Sounds like an oatmeal breakfast all in one bar to me.

Overall, I give my first KONA KASE a standing ovation, and I am recommending it to many of my friends and family.  If you click HERE 
 you can get your first KONA KASE for only $7.50. Whoo- hoo. And please,  let me know what you think of Kona Kase as well!

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  1. Nice I just ordered my first box. Excited

    1. Were you able to get a discount on your first box? Kona Kase is great. Have you tried Bulu Box yet? I love Bulu Box as well. I have a promo code for your first box free using Promo code BULUGAN131 You can check Bulu Box out here