Monday, March 25, 2013

Cravebox Book and Beauty Box is a Hit

I was  very excited for the most recent Cravebox.  If you have never heard about Cravebox you can read my other reviews or go to Cravebox website HERE, HERE or HERE.When received this  Book and Beauty Cravebox  in the mail this weekend, and I was blown away by each and every item in the Cravebox Book and Beauty.  I think after reading this review you will have to agree . Cravebox never ceases to amaze me with each and every box.

Without further ado here is the


. Please note that I do not always put prices on the items and compare the price of the items received versus the price of the box, but in this case I thought the Book and Beauty Cravebox went above and beyond. Each item was so great in this box, I do not know where to start. They must have known I was looking for a good book because this is the first item.

Mistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold

This ladies and gentleman was a hardcopy book in the Book and Beauty Cravebox. This retails at $25.99. Just with this one book alone, the Book and Beauty Cravebox has paid for itself, plus.

Another plus of receiving this book is that I love historical fiction books, it is  one of my favorite genres to read. I cannot wait to relax, hopefully in the sun, and read this book front to back. And, even more exciting, this looks to be an installment series by Hallie Rubenhold, so I look forward to the read, and possibly more in the future.

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion

I have already been using this every day. It has a great, like it says, clean feeling after putting it on, and a nice fresh smell. Cravebox included a 3 fl. oz. sample, which would sell for around $2.99.  I am always excited to get a nice travel size lotion since they are perfect to pack in my purse. Another great item from Cravebox.

John Freida Full Repair Deep Conditioner

I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to use this deep conditioner. Not very many subscription boxes out there give out conditioner, but when I saw this John Freida Deep Conditioner, I was jumping for joy. Cravebox must have known I was in desperate need for some deep conditioning fo my hair.  I now just hope that this deep conditioner rescue my hair to looking silky, smooth and shiny! I will keep you posted on my results.

The John Freida Deep Conditioner 4 fl oz. costs around $10. Anther amazing addition to the Book and Beauty Cravebox.

And last, three samples of:

Biore’ Combination Skin Cleanser, Pore Unclogging Scrub, and Nose Strip

I have used Biore’ Nose Strips before and I was not disappointed, so I know I will be using this right away.  However, I have never used any other products from Biore'. I most definitely will be  taking advantage of the Unclogging Scrub to get rid of that unwanted pore clogging and dirt. And the Balancing Cleanser looks like a great everyday cleanser, morning or night.  

I cannot really put a price on each of the samples from Biore’ , so I will just say about $2.00 for all three. 

Overall, Cravebox Book and Beauty has been by far my most favorite Cravebox yet.  I will  certainly  be getting full use out of  each item in my Cravebox.  And, with the box costing me only $12, it was well worth the price, as the total value of all the items is approximately $41. Wow, Cravebox is great!

And now the exciting news, for all those who did not participate in this Book and Beauty Cravebox, or are just now hearing about Cravebox all together; Cravebox is offering Book and Beauty to everyone as an Instant box for $15. You can get the box I just reviewed above at the Cravebox website HERE.  And if you register with Cravebox make sure to reference my User Name (stephlin82).

I hope you enjoyed a look at Book and Beauty Cravebox, like I said it was my favorite out of all the Craveboxes I have gotten to date. I give it 10 +++ STARS! Thank you Cravebox!

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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