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November (yes a little late) Crafters Crate Review

It was so busy that it took us and our little one a while to get through this awesome box, especially due to the holidays. However, In no way does my own delay in posting reflect on when this box came to me, just wanting to get that out there first. It has been a couple months since we have gotten a Crafter’s Crate box since, but but we were so excited to see it on our doorstep when it came.

What is Crafter’s Crate?
 If you have not heard about Crafter’s Crate, please take the time to review my post HERE. Rachael, the curator of Crafter's Crate, and mother of a little one as well. Rachael has designed Crafter’s Crate for little girls to not only have fun spending time crafting with the grown-ups in their life, but also to learn and gain from having fun doing these activities as well.  Each Crafters Crate includes 4-5 wonderfully thought out projects, and includes everything needed to complete that craft. The monthly cost is $19.99.

November Crafters Crate
November’s Crafter Crate was just awesome. And, we got this Crate a little late because we moved, but it was delivered in November still.  However, we did not get to dig into it until the end of November, and then the holidays. But the theme of the November’s Crafter’s Crate was Giving Thanks. This box really spoke to me because it focused on spending time with each other, and really encouraging growth in our little one.  Since our little one is now a little older these Crafters Crate boxes are becoming so much more exciting and fun.

#1 Leaf Mobile
This Leaf Mobile was just so much fun. Our little one loved the paint. Since our little one is still young I did most of the cutting, but the finished product was fantastic. It is now January and it is still hanging up in our kitchen. The little one was pretty proud of it!

#2 Friendship Bracelet
Since our little one is still only 3, we held off on making this just yet. I think that in a couple months we are going to try and make it again. We are trying to find a part time preschool right now, so I am sure after she starts she will be making tons of friends and will appreciate this more.

#3 Family Wall Hang
This was just the best part of this box in November. I really would like to complete this as soon as possible, add a picture as well, and then hang it up in a frame. This is another activity that is just part way done on my part, and the little one cannot really get this done on her own yet. But it would be a wonderful keepsake to remember her at this age when she is older, that is why I have decided I want to incorporate a picture as well. One great thing I love about Crafters Crate is that they also incorporate how to teach your girls and to get them to really thing about things. Like for this activity Crafter Crate recommended talking to your child about things she loves about her family .

#4 Bird Feeder
Our little one loves animals, so this bird seeder was perfect. And she loves helping in the kitchen. She got to mix and add all the ingredients, and it was a great way to teach her about the 1, 2, 3 steps of making something. And, we talked all about the birds and how much they were going to love her bird seed feeder.  Even though it was cold out I have seen birds out eating on it!

I have had nothing but a wonderfully great experience with Crafters Crate.  And our little one loves it too. I know she always is pretty excited to see a box for her (lots are for me, opps). I never can put a monetary value on a craft/learning box for children, however, I think that the convenience it brings to me, and the fun it brings to our little one is greater than any monetary value. One other great thing about Crafter Crate is that everything, I mean everything, you need to complete these projects are included in the box, and best of all  Crafters Crate also incorporates a learning tool into each project. Although Crafters Crate is geared towards girls, I do think that boys could do many of these crafts as well.  It is definitely exciting to see Crafters Crate grow, and if you have not looked yet the January Box looks to be pretty exciting The Princess Crate!!! You can see HERE.

What do you think of Crafter’s Crate? If you would like to see other Crafter’s Crate Box, you can HERE. And if you would like to learn more about Crafter’s Crate or, better yet, get one of these great boxes for your little one, you can HERE.

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