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January "Ringing in the New Year" January Bonjour Jolie box Review

I just want to start this post off my saying GO SEAHAWKS!  We are going to the SuperBowl, yay! I am super excited and pumped about that little tid bit. That being said, on to what I meant to post about, my January Bonjour Jolie box.

What is Bonjour Jolie?
A  Premium Subscription Box Designed Exclusively for Women to Be Pampered During Their Period! Each Monthly Box is Filled with Hand Selected Items, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, Amazing Treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, and of course, Feminine Products for your time of the month. Cost $16 per month plus shipping.

Ringing in the New Year Bonjour Jolie Box

The Goods

Each month Bonjour Jolie jam packs each box so you are fully equipted for that time of the month. Including Playtex Feminine Wipes and  

Kanzashi Hair Pins Set $14
These hair pins are imported from Japan, and are formed and sewn by hand.  Kanzashi is a Japanese ancient art of folding fabric into flowers. As you can see these are very beautifully crafted. Although I will probably not wear these in my hair, I know they will look super cute in our little ones hair.

Seattle Chocolates $3
Right from my hometown. I really think Seattle Chocolates are quite delicious, and think they were a great addition to the January Box.

Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies $1
These cookies always remind me of something my grandma would have ate. However, Lorna Doone cookies are very delicious, and taste well with coffee.

Bentley Tea $2
I have never had Bentley Tea, but I will add these delicious tea bags to my collection. Bonjour Jolie even made sure to add that extra sweetness to the box, I will be using the extra sweetness in my tea for sure!

Beyond BodiHeat Heating Pad $2
I love this heating pad. I think I will have to buy more of these. This one did last awhile, not quite 12 hours like it says it will, but I like it really hot. However these are great for the lower back.

Brown Sugar Fig Bath Salts $2
These are made with pure Bokek Dead Sea Salt, which are said to help with cleansing and detoxifying, especially for the skin and muscles. I am excited to try this out in my next bath.

Morraccan Rose Petal Soaps $1
I have received these in a previous box, and I really liked them, I think they are much prettier as bathroom d├ęcor, and am glad to get another set.

Lavender and Vanilla Satin Scented Sachet Pillow $1
Lavender and Vanilla are my favorite, I will be using this calming sachet pillow in one my drawers, probably with undies and socks, to make them all extra good smelling.

Bonjour Jolie Lip Balm $1
I have received the Bonjour Jolie lip balm in past boxes and I really like the peppermint, and think it is great that they created a specialty item right from company headquarters!


Bonjour Jolie is my only women's Time of the month box that I have kept around.  I really think Bonjour Jolie the best out there. I always need to make sure I have enough time of the month supplies around, but I also love that the Bonjour Jolie Box is so much more than a time of the month box. It is like getting a present for your birthday each month; the Bonjour Jolie box is always a surprise, and always full of extra special goodies just for me. I really do love this box! January’s Bonjour Jolie box included $27 worth of gift, edible and pampering items, not to include the time of the month products, which far exceeds the monthly subscription cost!! Whoo hoo!

What did you think of the January’s Bonjour Jolie box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Bonjour Jolie, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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