Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Foodie/Cooking Subscription- Besh Box Review

I was given wonderful opportunity to try out a new subscription, Besh Box. A fun and creative subscription box curated to bring cooking inspiration right to your door.   I was super excited to get this box, and cannot wait to share it with you.  This is Besh Box's December box.

What is Besh Box?
This is a new subscription inspired by Master Chef John Besh. This wonderful subscription is way to share Chef Besh’s love of good home-cooked meals with everyone else. Inside each box, you will find favorite recipes, tools, special ingredients and other special treats. Each box is filled with hand-picked items that are meant to inspire, and excite. Cost $55 per month.

Holidays From the Heart Besh Box
This box came on Christmas Eve, and was such a great surprise. Due to all the craziness during the holidays it took me awhile to actually dig into the box. However, I was immediately impressed at the presentation and first look at the box. I love when a box looks wonderful from the get-go, and shows that the people behind the box really care.

All Good Things Organic JalapeƱo Seeds $3.50
Yes, Jalapeno seeds. I have never grown jalapenos before, but it is never too late to try. Some of my favorite foods go perfect with Jalapeno’s , I just am not sure I can handle the heat.

Inglewood Pecans $14
This was a great addition to the box. I love raw pecans, and these were just so tasty. I am thinking that some candied pecans might be a to-do soon.

Vanilla Beans $5
I loved the idea of not only using the inside to add to any spectacular dessert, but to also use the pod and add it to some sugar,which will make vanilla infused sugar. Such a great idea!

Eppicotispal Double Wheel Pastry- Pizaa Cutter $16
I do not make pastries much, but we do make pizza. Even though this looks like a little pizza cutter, I think this is what it will be used for in my household. I really appreciate that the Besh Box included items in the box that are unique, but also are sturdy. This Cutter definitely has great craftsman ship, and a great hefty wood handle.

Epicurean Dough Scrape $10
I may have to start making pastries since I got this scrape and the pastry cutter. This scrape is used to handle Dough and Chef Besh states that it is good to help clean up flour after rolling out dough. Like I said, there may be some pastry making in my future.

Raw Materials Design Kitchen Towel $16
I love this towel. This was my favorite part of the whole box, because I good kitchen towel is hard to come by. Not only is this towel in the December box, but a new towel will be in each box moving forward. 

Ornament and Other Extras

The ornament was a very nice touch in the December Besh Box. It was a very well made silver and beautiful ornament for the holiday season. Besh Box also always comes with some of Master Chef Besh's favorite recipes, Basic Sweet Dough and Apple & Pear Tart, yummy. 


There are many subscriptions out there right now that are curated for cooking meals at home, but these are actual meals in a box. There are not very many subscriptions out there that send out the supplies for cooking, and ideas to spark cooking creativity. I really was impressed by my first Besh Box, and it already has my cooking wheels turning. The total monthly cost of Besh Box is $55, and the total value of the box was approximately $65, which is a great deal. There is no way I could go out and get all these items for less than $55, with shipping and taxes.

I really am excited the Besh Box for January is BIG GAME DAY. As a HUGE FAN of the Seattle Seahawks, I would love this box!

What did you think of the new subscription, Besh Box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Besh Box, you can HERE.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Besh Box! Looks like a decent subscripton box (and I love a good kitchen towel!). I'm a Redskins fan, so no need for the Big Game Box this year, but I'm intrigued by the Mardi Gras box.