Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Pay It Foward- Gift it Forward Extravaganza

I recently signed up to take part in Pay It Forward- Gift It Forward Event, and now it is my turn to do the same. I decided that I am going to pick 10 readers and I will be doing a  first 2014 Tickled Pink in the Rain Blog  Pay it Forward - Gift it Forward . So now I'm looking for the 10 people I'll send random gifts to.

The 1st 10 people to comment below that they want to participate will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a random gift/ surprise. It will be a total surprise! It could be small, big, light, heavyWho knows.

There will be NO warning and it will be sent to you whenever the mood strikes! So, what's the catch?

If you decide to participate, you MUST make this same offer on YOUR personal FB, business FB , on your own blog, and get five people to randomly give to as well. If you're one of my ten, I will confirm by liking your comment and asking for your mailing address in an e-mail or through Facebook, if provided.

I was thinking of setting a max $ so it doesn't break the bank for anyone. How about a $5 max for each gift, not including shipping charges?
No double-ups though, aka spouses. So please if you're not going to follow through, don't commit to it!! This is supposed to be fun and give us a treat in the mailbox/inbox vs bills bills bills and junk mail! (Your gift may be mailed via mail or email)!

Don't forget to repost this if you are one of my 10, and let me know, I will be checking!

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. I'll participate, it sounds fun!

    1. Savanna: So excited to have you on board. If you can just e-mail me your address I will put you on the list!! E-mail is tickledpinksteph at

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  3. I did something similar last year on my instagram, and Im doing it again but this time I am choosing 3 from my instagram 3 from my blog and 3 from my twitter.

    1. Yivanna: Yay I am so excited for this pay it forward - gift it forward. Can you e-mail me your address at tickledpinksteph at And, I most definetly will be checking out your blog. I am always looking for new blogs to follow. Thank you for reading mine as well!

  4. oh this sounds like so much fun (both receive gifts and send them!) and i'd love to participate! :)

    jenn @ hello, rigby!