Thursday, January 9, 2014

No Gluten, No Problem- Cuisine Cube Subscription Review

Gluten intolerance seems to becoming more of an issue for people these days.  My sister-in-law (well, soon to be sister-in-law), was actually just mentioning how she is no longer eating gluten either. Thus, many food subscription boxes that are out there right now are just not working for people with this intolerance, or for those just  trying to keep gluten out of their diet. This is when this fantastic new subscription comes in, Cuisine Cube.

What is Cuisine Cube?
The people behind Cuisine Cube created this subscription for people who are eating gluten free. They also know that sometimes it is hard to find really tasty gluten free food, thus Cuisine Cube to the rescue.  Cuisine Cube curators have put together a subscription that takes on the task themselves of finding the delicious gluten free food for you, focusing on brands made by smaller artisan producers, that taste better and are better for you. Cost each month is $29.99.

December Cuisine Cube
This box was just so exciting to get. When I opened it I was very impressed. Like I always say, presentation is always a big plus in my mind, and Cuisine Cube was nicely packaged in a nice box, as to not damage any of the food or smash it. Smashed up muffin is not always very appealing, and I am glad that Cuisine Cube also appreciates that as well. 

Kyotofu- Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Muffin $9
I hardly got to dig into this yummy muffin before it was devoured by my other family members, but the little taste I got was fantastic. It is made with Cup4Cup flower, which is a special blend of gluten free flour and mixes with spices. This muffin was very moist and super tasty.

Pangea White Corn Fusilli $7
A, our little one, and do not eat pasta at all. I do not mind it, but for everyone else it is a texture thing. However, this White Corn Fusilli, imported straight from Italy, sounds very good for someone who cannot have gluten. My parents will probably really like this pasta. 

Pereg Quinoa All’ Italia $4.50
I have had Quinoa before, but for all those who have no idea what in the world it is here is a little bit about it:

“Quinoa, the “mother of all grains”, is a healthy and easy food to prepare. Quinoa is high in protein, has many anti-inflammatory properties and contains more anti-oxidants than cranberries!

I cannot wait to try this, sounds very yummy and very good for me. 

Thatcher’s Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Corn $4.50
Okay, so I knew that San Francisco had good food, but oh goodness, this Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Corn was to- die-for-yummy. Yes, it really was that good! Once this bag was opened it was demolished! I was trying to keep healthy with sweets, but even I had to give it a try. And it is gluten free. I am trying to get my hands on more of this.

Organicasaurus Organic Baked Corn Snack $3
These puffed up snacks are all shaped like dinos. Our little one is really into dinosaurs, and really thought these real cheddar cheese snacks were good. These are actually the only cheese corn puff on the market that are USDA Organic!

Freedgoods Coco Brownie $4
I had actually talked to some people about cooking gluten free and everyone told me that you can actually make some really tasty treats that are gluten free, well this brownie is one tasty treat.  Super moist and tasting no different than a regular brownie.


Just in this past year I have come across so many people that are becoming gluten free, and with less options to pick from, it is nice that there is a subscription out there that does the hunting for gourmet gluten free products for gluten free eaters.  After Cuisine Cube graciously offered to send me this sample box, I am thoroughly impressed with Cuisine Cube, and definitely think it is a great, and much needed, box. It also has opened my eyes to the options of tasty gluten free food.

December’s Cuisine Cube’s total value was approximately $32 worth of premium and tasty gluten free items. At a monthly cost of $29.99, you definitely get your monies worth.  You definitely could not purchase these items plus shipping for less than $29.99.

What did you think of the new subscription, Cuisine Cube? If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Cuisine Cube, you can HERE.

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