Friday, February 28, 2014

Zim's Max-Freeze to the Rescue- Review

Awhile back I got the chance to try out some products for muscles and joint pain from Zim’s. I first have to tell you I really do have any joint or muscle pain, but A gets pains in his lower back and shoulder here and there. He started getting the pain more so after he had a fender bender a couple years ago. It seems once you hurt your back area, it is never the same.  Do not get me wrong he is fine, but when stressed in those areas , they tend to tense/ flare  up. Not fun.

Zim’s Max-Freeze really did come at just the right time. A and I were just starting up Tapout XT, which, yes, is a pretty kick-butt workout (This was a few months ago, and we need to get back on course with our workout again! Boo I hate when I fall off the exercise wagon.) Anyways, back to what I was talking about, so after starting our workout regiment A was very tight, sore, and lets just say for a couple days he could not move very well. In come Zim’s Max-Freeze! A put this on after every workout and at night after getting out of the shower. He said it worked very well. I put it on his shoulders a couple nights and, wow, yes it indeed is good stuff. I had to make sure I washed my hands well.  A very strong cooling effect! A even said this was better than the other brands he used, so that was a big win.

What I really like about the Zim’s Max-Freeze is that it is made of organic ILEX, Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, and smells great. Yes, the smell is strong, but it fades fairly quickly, especially compared to other brands.  I also love that the Max-Freeze is a gel and grease-less, so when putting a shirt on afterwards you are not going to get any oily residue on it. 

Zim’s Max-Freeze can be purchased in a tube or on a roll-on container. A preferred the tube, but the roll-on was easier for me to help him with. 

Tube Gel- $9.99

 Roll-On Gel $9.99


Overall, Zim’s Max-Freeze was a big win for us. We still keep it handy for the days that A needs it. I definetly would say that Zim’s Max-Freeze is a step up from the other brands. And, any product that makes my hun fell better gets and A from me!

If you are interested in learning more about Zim's Max-Freeze or the other products Zim's carries you can HERE. 

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