Monday, February 24, 2014

Movie Night in Nashville- February Batch Nashville Review

I am the biggest fan of locality boxes. One of the reasons why is because it gives me the opportunity to try out products from places that I have never been before, that I otherwise would never have gotten to try. The latest and greatest box comes from, Tennesee! Nashville to be specific!  Batch Nashville graciously offered to share their recent Movie Night box with me, and it was a hit!

What is Batch Nashville?
Batch Nashville is a monthly subscription that brings the best of Nashville to your door each month. The monthly cost is $31.98. For March, April and May, Batch Nashville has already revealed the excitement behind the box themes (March- Family Traditions; April- Country Roads; and May- Grillin’ & Chillin’). Sounds very exciting. 

What I was really intrigued by is Batch is not just limited to Batch Nashville, but also Batch Memphis, newly announced Batch Weddings; and an exciting new subscription- Tour of the South, which includes the following:

·         April - Nashville (gotta start at home)
·         May - Charleston (you keep telling us we need to go there)
·         June - Atlanta (the South's largest city makes some mighty fine delights)
·         July - New Orleans (we're bringing the party to you)
·         August - Birmingham (you're going to love the pride of this city)
·         September - Austin (we'll see how weird we can keep it)

Sounds very exciting, and now which ones to pick they all sound great!

February Batch Nashville
Movie Night Box

Batch Nashville themed this box around movie night. Everything in this box was perfect for any movie night party!

Bang Candy Company $5
These are homemade gourmet marshmallows, and they definetly are unique and yummy. Bang Candy Company also makes caramels and syrups, which look delish!

Lisa’s Kettle Corn $5
Well, I am not sure on the price of this kettle corn, but it sure is good. It is a mixture of kettle corn with caramel corn. Very tasty. And Batch Nashville included a full size bag.

Tempur by CG $10
These were just too yummy for words. What is great is these chocolates have marshmallows included in the box, because the marshmallows get infused with the condensation of the chocolate. I really liked reading about Chef Chelsea Gunn’s new line of chocolates coming out, Cabernet infused Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Sweet JalapeƱo. Very interesting sounding, but I am sure just fabulous.

White Elixirs Saigon Cinnamon $10
This is a great simple sugar mixture perfect for cooking, sodas, teas, coffees, cocktails, etc. A little mixture of this with coffee, and Baileys was delicious.

And the Winner Is... Napkins  $3

These are a perfect touch to any party, and perfect timing for the Oscars coming up. No dirty and messy hands for us thanks to Batch Nashville!

I really love the follow through concept of Movie Night that  Batch Nashville stuck with throughout this box. All I needed is a movie included in the box, and I was set! I really enjoy experiencing other local treats and goodies. If it were not for a fantastic subscription like Batch Nashville I would probably never have gotten to try these local treats! The cost of this box is around $31.98, and Batch Nashville included around $33 (approximately) worth of items in this month’s box.  I was very happy with the value of the box, taking into account I could never get all these goodies separately including paying shipping and handling for $31.98. I now cannot wait to try out all the other Batch subscriptions. I really also would love to learn more about Batch Wedding, since I need to get busy with my wedding plans.

What did you think of February Batch Nashville? If you would like to learm more or sign up for Batch Nashville or the other Batch subscriptions, you can HERE.

Until next time
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  1. Thanks for sharing what we're doing over here at Batch! We're glad you liked everything. And happy wedding planning!