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New Subscription- Celebrate American Made Review

I was recently searching around for new subscription boxes, and I ran across Celebrate American Made. I was immediately curious about this box, and wondered why someone had not curated a box like this a long time ago. There are several boxes out there right now that are specific to one state, but none that celebrates American made! When Celebrate American Made graciously offered to send me their January box, I was super excited to share with my readers. And what a better day to post this box on my blog than today, we are celebrating here in Seattle, so I thought lets keep with the theme of celebrations!

What is Celebrate American Made?
Celebrate American Made is a monthly subscription that focus on one state each month. The curators behind the box search the nation to bring you the best food and handcrafted items from that particular state for that month. You get the best of that state, and get to discover what the locals from that state love. The monthly cost is $39.95 each month.

Celebrate American Made

I have never been to Virginia, but after reading about it in the Intro card that came with the box, and experiencing the products, I think I would like it.  Virginia is for “autumn lovers”, which I love, and for “ beach lovers”, umm I love even more, and for “ history lovers”. Yes, it may seem weird but I really do love history, and going to places where I can imagine what it was like way back in the days. So much fun.

Brigit True Organics Lip Balm  $5
Like always, I never mind getting a good lip balm, and this was fantastic. It immediately went into my purse!

Integrity Food Group- Savannah Grace Traditional Cheese Straws $5
These cheese straws are so yummy! And are made with aged cheddar cheese. What I really like about this, is that even thought you can sit down and eat these in one go round, that these cheese straws come in a great resealable bag, perfect to keep fresh and convenience.

Montebello Kitchen Peanut Soup $8
I have eaten peanuts and peanut sauce, but never have I had peanut soup. This soup was originated from West Africa, and has been reinvented.   This soup after mixing with some chicken or veggie broth is delish. To make even better I would recommend adding chicken.

Graves Mountain Apple Butter $15
I have never tasted a better Apple Butter, this was super tasty.  This Virginia based company established its cannery back in 1980, and used a family recipe to make this tasty treat.

Route 11 Yukon Gold Potato Chips $2
I definitely have a salty tooth, and rather have a tasty chip over candy any day. These yummy chips make me want to hop on over to Virginia and get some more. What is great is that it is really hard to ship chips without smashing them, however, these were still perfect. They still would be great smashed, but even better not.

The Virginia Chutney Co. Spicy Plum Chutney $3
A great chutney made of great ingredients: plums, sugar, brown sugar and raisins and more. It tastes great!

Natalie Kay Letterpress Artwork
This letterpress print was printed to help support a friend, Laura, who was injured in a car accident. All proceeds of this print will go to her family. “Talitha koun”, which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up.”


I really think this box is just fantastic, and it supports American Made. The monthly cost of this box is $39.95, and the total value of the box was approximately $38. Like all specialty boxes like Celebrate American Made, it would be impossible to get all these wonderful products for the monthly cost of the box, especially after shipping and handling. Additionally, it is great to help support wonderful companies like these showcased in the Virginia Celebrate American Made box.  Celebrate American Made really makes you really feel like you need to take a trip to these wonderful places, like Virginia. They even include other great little informational packets for subscribers to browse through. 

What did you think about the January Celebrate American Made Box? If you are interested in learning more or signing up, you can HERE.

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