Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Green and Blue Super Bowl Seahawks Excitement

 I have been off the grid  for a week now, and I just do not know what has gotten into me.  I just think that the excitement of the week has kept me busy. It really has just been a very exciting week. If you do not know already, but me along with my whole entire family are  huge Seahawks fans. I even worked all home games this year, including the amazing playoff games.  I just wanted to take the time to share a little of the excitement around the Pacific Northwest- Seattle area these days, with the Seahawks amazing Super Bowl win. This is the first Super Bowl win for Seattle Seahawks in franchise history, and it is so exciting! The 12’s have truly melted together and brought some amazing energy into Seattle.

My Super Bowl Sunday was not as exciting as some of my family members, but a nice day at home with my love and our little one watching the game was just perfect for me.  To get ready I made sure my nails were, like always, blue and green. And we all geared up in our Hawks gear, especially purchased for Super Bowl Sunday!

Here is our Seattle Seahawks Blue and Green SuperBowl Sunday Food and Drink Spread, which included

Blue and Green Drinks
Assorted Meats and Crackers
Honey Dew
Kiwi Fruit Slices
Chicken Apple Sausage
And other snack food
Yummy we tried to stick with only blue and green foods! 

And some great decorations made from our little one. This is the Beast Mode 12th Man Seattle Seahawks Train!

My brother on the other hand was right in the heart of the Super Bowl action. And what a game it was. I actually told my brother he is their good luck charm, and has to go to all games no matter where they at from now on.  If he could I am sure he would. Some pictures straight from the action.

Our favorite , #3, Russell Wilson!!!

 It was so loud there it was a dust bowl of green and blue confetti! I love it! I was so excited my bro could experience it!

And from our Television view... Still super exciting!!

Tomorrow is the victory parade here is Seattle,  as the Hawks bring the Lombardi trophy home to Seattle. The Hawks will definitely will be coming home to best victory parade around. I cannot wait to see all the action.

Now, with the football season wrapped up, what to do with my Sundays?? Haha Well, I am sure I will have no problem filling up my time.  But, I cannot wait until Seahawks season next year.

Way to go Seahawks! Beast Mode!

Until next time, from a Green and Blue 12th Man (Woman),
Stay Tickled Pink,


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