Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Clothing Subscription- Cypress & 5th Review

I really do love hearing about and finding new clothing subscriptions like the one I am going to review below. Cypress & 5th is a new clothing subscription, that sends out some fantastic clothing conveniently right to your door each month.  I am super excited to share with you my first January box with you.

What is Cypress & 5th?
The ladies behind Cypress & 5th believe that ladies deserve to be styled for individuality. Cypress & 5th helps ladies get their own personalized clothing each month. Each month Cypress & 5th specializes a virtual Dressing Room designed just for you. You then go through your personal dressing room each month and pick your choice of 2 or 3 items to be shipped to you for $74.95! There is not contract.  Members have 5 days to view their Dressing Room and decide to either “Keep Shopping” or “Opt Out” for the month.  After the first month’s setup, members who choose to continue will be charged $74.95 on the 5th of each month and have the rest of the month to decide what they want!

Cypress & 5th Picks

When you first log into Cypress & 5th you go through their style quiz, so that the stylist can pick the items that fit your style the best.  The Stylist then picks out the items that fit your style best and put them in your Dressing Room for you to pick from.

When I first went through my Dressing Room, I was very impressed with some of the picks, but was not really into some of the other picks. I waited a couple days to actually pick out what I wanted, so when I finally picked out my selections, some of the items were already sold out. I e-mailed Cypress & 5th, and I was super impressed that I was given some other options to choose from.

Blu Pepper Pink Leopard Sweater$36 Retail

It was very hard for me to pick between the shirts while I was going through my Dressing Room. I really liked a couple of the picks. I actually would have went for two top options, rather than a bottom if I could.  After trying on this sweater, I knew immediately that I made a good pick. This sweater is super soft, cozy, and looks great on.  This sweater is definitely my style, and something I would have picked out on my own.

Timing Khaki Jeggings $30 Retail

I was not too sure about the options I had for bottoms, but after working out some more options in my dressing room I was able to decide on these Khaki Jeggings. These are heavier than other leggings/jeggings I have bought on my own, but I really like them. They are perfect for colder weather.

Peach Aztec Print Scarf $20?

I could not find this scarf online, but I estimate that I easily would purchase this online for around $20. What I really love about this scarf, other than the Aztec print, which I love, is that it is an infinity scarf, and super soft. It will be perfect for spring season.

Overall, I am very pleased with the first box I received from Cypress & 5th. I would have enjoyed it a little more if  all my picks worked together as one outfit. However, Cypress & 5th does a great job of giving style options for each of my selections, which are seen on the cards above. For $74.95, I received around $96 worth of clothing, which is fantastic. I could not be happier with the quality of the clothing as well. I just wish that some of my Dressing Room picks were still available to me when I went back to make my selections for January. But when you snooze, you lose. I should have made my selections earlier. Even for February, I waited a couple days after I got my dressing room and some of my selections were already gone. Thankfully the ladies over at Cypress & 5th are super helpful, and they helped work out some great options for me for my February clothing selection! I see big things in the future for Cypress & 5th, and cannot wait to see more from this great clothing subscription!

If you are interested in getting styled and get your own Dressing Room customized for you through Cypress & 5th, you can HERE, and make sure you let them know I sent you!

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  1. Thanks so much for that AWESOME review!!!!! We love that we had such great things to day about us. Remember we are still a newborn company (3 months live) so we have lots of great things to come!!

    Cypress &5th

  2. I neeeeeed that scarf. Can you post if you find it available anywhere.

    1. I found it here if you would like to purchase it, and it is $13.99!!!!