Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Sock-Up for Spring" Men's Sockwork Review and Promo Code

I really am excited to share Sockwork subscription again on my blog. This new subscription is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. The great people behind Sockwork graciously offered to send me the men’s subscription box to review here on my blog. You can see the women’s subscription box HERE. And I cannot wait to show these wonderfully stylish socks.

What is Sockwork?
Sockwork is a subscription that sends 2 pairs of wonderful and stylish socks right to your door each month.  “Socks with a Purpose” is such a great motto for this company because Sockwork was not only started by Veterans, but it was specifically  started with veterans in mind. The people behind  Sockwork wanted to do something that gave back to fellow soldiers,  so each month Sockwork will pick a Veteran non-profit and will donate 10% of their proceeds to that non-profit.

You might ask yourself, well how does Sockwork work? Well, it is really simple. Sockwork has sock subscriptions available for Guys and Gals. After choosing what type of subscription you would like, or maybe both, you then pick your style. Sockwork has socks that fit any style, from Pro, Fun or Mix. 

You then decide for how long you would like your subscription, take note you save some money if if you purchase a longer term subscription up front.

Cost Per Month: $20 (that’s $10 per pair of socks). And remember 10% of the proceed go to help Veterans.

Mens Sockwork Subscription Box
Just like my previous box of wonderful women's socks, the men’s box from Sockwork came very quickly. I could not wait to dig right into it. Our little one got to it first though, and loved the little mint candy that was included it the box. 

Richer Poorer Inc. Hanky -Yellow Socks -$12
I must say Sockwork sent out some pretty awesome socks for this first box, and I loved it. I just thought these Hanky yellow socks were fantastic. I have always loved Richer Poorer Inc. brand and the style, so I was over the top thrilled to see them in the men’s Sockwork box. These Hanky yellow socks may not be A’s style, but I could wear them around myself instead. They might be a little big, but I can make them work. 

Richer Poorer Inc. Prep- Blue & Green Socks-$12
Another great pair of Richer Poorer Inc. socks, and I liked these just as much as the first, if not more. I am a fanatic of anything blue and green, since those are the Seahawk’s colors. So, these will be perfect to add to A’s Seahawk gear when the season starts. 


My overall impression of Sockwork is still as strong as it was with my first box. Sockwork has shown to be a fantastic company that cares about their customers, and also sends out some awesome top-notch products to their subscribers each month. The men’s subscription box was just as impressive as the women’s box I received. My men’s Sockwork box contained $24 worth of stylish Richer Poorer Inc. socks, which was well worth the subscription cost of $20 per month. Additionally, Sockwork donates 10% of their proceeds to a non-profit associated with helping veterans, which is impressive in itself. I appreciate knowing that by subscribing to Sockwork that not only are you fitting your feet with some stylish dubs, but also helping out a great cause! 

If you are interested in learning more about Sockwork or signing up, you can HERE. Also, right now use the Promo Code "SOX2014" and get 10% off your first box!

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