Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Awesome August Bonjour Jolie Review

I had some other posts that I wanted to get up before this one, but I was too excited about this month’s Bonjour Jolie box to save it. Bonjour Jolie is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions each month, and I get excited to see what is packed inside this wonderful subscription box with each passing month. A couple months ago when it came out, I thought it would be just another Women’s time of the month box, which are great, but I am quickly finding out that it is packed full with so much more.

If you have never heard about Bonjour Jolie here is a little bit about this awesome subscription:

What is Bonjour Jolie?

A  Premium Subscription Box Designed Exclusively for Women to Be Pampered During Their Period! Each Monthly Box is Filled with Hand Selected Items, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, Amazing Treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, and of course, Feminine Products for your time of the month. Cost $16 per month plus shipping.

August Bonjour Jolie Box

This month the Bonjour Jolie Box’s theme was “Honoring The Feminine”. Each and every time packed in August’s box are items from business’s owned by women, and what great products they are.

The Goods

The time of the month products.  As you can see you get plenty to cover you for the monthly visit of Aunt Flo. Bonjour Jolie also lets you pick what type and brand of products best fit your needs. Very personalized.

The Bonjour Jolie Gift

Peru Silver and Stone Bracelet- $14

This beautiful bracelet was imported from Peru, and handcrafted by local Peru women. Each bracelet is made from alpaca silver and precious stones. These truly are a work of art.

The Edibles

Leccare Lollipops (Peach Cobbler and Apple & Pear) - $3

Each Bonjour Jolie box came with different flavors, and each lollipop are handmade. Very simple ingredients are used in each, but are packed with flavor.  Before I even got to them the little one ate the Apple & Pear. She said it was yummy.

Just Add Honey Tea Company (5 bags of tea)- $3.50

Each of these tea bags are handpacked, and like the lollipops pack a lot of flavor. I always like getting tea in my subscription boxes, and I really like these teas even more because you can make these into some really good iced tea, which I like better than hot tea. Flavors: mint to be, wild blueberry, chocolate delight, berries!, and Georgia peaches.

The Pampering

Beazers Garden Organic Herbal Hand Scrub-$2

This handscrub is made in New York, and is just amazing. Now I just need to order some more.

Happy Hands Lotion in Desert Honey and French Lilac- $1

These are perfect little packs to keep my purse, travel bag or gym bag for a little on the go moisturizer.

Scardey Car Mineral Eye Shadow in Rose Gold- $1.50

This is a beautiful color shadow. I usually do not wear mineral shadow, but I will surely give it a try. Additionally, it came with a great little brush

Bare Apothecary Herbal Bath Salts- $1

I love bath time, and these bath salts, which are all organic and cruelty free, will be great.

Sensible Sanitary Bags- $1

This is great to prevent unnecessary clogging accidents. I have never seen or heard of these, but it makes sense, and I am very surprised that these are not more common.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I am never disappointed in the Bonjour Jolie subscription. What I really appreciate about this subscription is that it gives you a little bit of everything in one box. And, each month you never know what you are going to get next. I love surprises. This month’s bracelet was just amazingly beautiful, and I really love it. It is not something I would buy on my own, but really can appreciate and see the beauty is something that is handcrafted like that. Like I always say I cannot wait to see more boxes from Bonjour Jolie. The total value of August box was $28. 

What did you think of the August Bonjour Jolie Box? Have you signed you signed up for Bonjour Jolie yet? If not you can find out more information and sign up HERE.

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  1. I'm so happy you liked my herbal sugar scrub! Hope to see you in my shop soon! I have a special rebate program for my customers, so treat yourself to something sweet.

    Beazer's Garden

  2. We hope our teas help relax you during your "girl time".

    just add honey tea company