Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Subscription Box Review- AMBITION BOX

I really have been so impressed with all the new boxes that I have seen out there lately, and the best thing about it, is that they are all different. The box I am going to share with you today, I have been anxiously awaiting. This new box is called Ambition Box.  Just the name alone sold me on the box. A strong name is very telling in my mind. 

What is Ambition Box you ask? 
Well let me give you a little background first. Ambition Box was started with two sisters. Who more can you trust than family? They have come to together with an Ambition to bring to people great beauty products and to start  “a beauty movement”.

Each month Ambition Box sends out great beauty products for $15 per month. Very reasonable and affordable, and as you will see,  you get great products as well!

Since, I now bothered you with a bunch of talk, I am sure you are all jumping out of your seats for the unveiling of the Ambition Box.

Here is the very first....


ThermaBreath Professional Formula

This was perfect size toothpaste to bring to work with me. It is bigger than the normal travel size toothpaste, but small enough as to not over power the contents of your purse. Best thing about ThermaBreath is that the tooth paste fights germs that stop bad breath, and it has a great  light minty taste that does not overpower.  Ambition Box members also get 15% off orders and free shipping from ThermaBreath! So far Ambition Box is off to a fantastic start.

Satindoll Bracelet

I am a big fan of jewelry, and bracelets are my favorite piece to wear on a daily bases. I was ecstatic to see a jewelry piece in the Ambition Box. This bracelet will be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Additionally, Ambition Box included, from Satindoll, a 20% off coupon . After looking at Satindoll I think the 20% will come in handy.

Uprising Botanicals Tealight Candle in Rosewood

This candle smelled wonderful, and I always love to get a nice smelling candles. This rosewood candle was made from all natural and organic ingredients, and is homemade by Uprising Botanicals.

Nikki’s Magic Wand

I had never seen anything like this, but after reading more about this wand, I do not know why I have not had one of these wands a long time ago. This wand is made with a sleek and flexible tip so that it can reach the hard to reach places where your normal makeup applicators cannot.  I am loving that this was in the Ambition Box. I cannot count how many times I have tried to get the last drops out of my makeup to no avail, and now I have this little wand to help me out.

Lola Blue Living Soap

I really do like getting soap, especially handmade soap, it by far is the best. I think that the Ambition Box has been gearing me up for summer, and to add to it, this lovely soap is called Summer Coconut. This soap smells incredible, and I cannot wait to use it. 

Gift from Ambition Box- Mirror Compact

This mirror compact perfectly matched the green bracelet, which I thought was a nice touch. I have been meaning to get a mirror for my purse for a while now, and to my luck Ambition Box completed that mission for me. Any lady who is into beauty knows that  a good mirror in your purse is a lifesaver.

Overall, I am very very pleased with my first Ambition Box. Not only did they provide in their box a wide range of wonderful products, but they also presented their box with amazing flare! I cannot wait to see the months ahead for this wonderful sister team at Ambition Box, as I see Ambition Box becoming an even more remarkable box.

If you would like to see and learn more about Ambition Box or you would like to sign up to experience this wonderful box on your own, you can do so HERE. Make sure to use Referral Code AB4345 at check out.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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